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SJB Governing Body – Committee Structure

The Governing Body has the power to delegate certain of its duties to appointed committees. The structure and membership of these committees is agreed by the Governing Body.

The committees are responsible for doing the majority of the leg-work of the Governing body. Each committee is run by a Chair and the Headteacher sits on each of the committees.

Meetings are minuted so that their business and any decisions reached can be fed back in detail to the following meeting of the Full Governing Body. Committee meetings are quorate when three governors (which can include the Headteacher) are in attendance.

We have three committees:

Finance, Buildings and Personnel

Matt Lister (Chair)

Janet Heffernan

Rebecca Williamson

Liz Bolt

Helen Pearson

(Matt Connell - stand-in for HP, if required)

Evaluation and Curriculum

Hannah Clarke (Chair)

Janet Heffernan

Helen Pearson

Matthew Connell 

Charlotte Wraith

Bina Mistral Lowcock

Community Wellbeing and Inclusion

John Barrett (Chair)

Helen Pearson

Janet Heffernan

Sharon Harris

Andy Allan

Liz Bolt

We also have groups with specific responsibilities:

Pay Committee

(convenes annually after staff appraisal procedures are finished,
to consider pay progression – in line with the Teachers’ Pay Policy)

Hannah Clarke (Chair)

Janet Heffernan

Matt Lister

Helen Pearson

Appeals Committee

(see Complaints Procedure)

First three impartial governos who are available


Committee Terms of Reference

Evaluation & Curriculum Committee - Terms of Reference
Finance, Buildings & Personnel Committee - Terms of Reference
Community Wellbeing & Inclusion Committee - Terms of Reference
Pay Committee - Terms of Reference 

Key Area Monitoring Job Descriptions

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