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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is government funding, provided to support the learning of children eligible for free school meals (fsm) or who have been eligible for fsm in the last 6 years (ever6). Pupil Premium is also provided to support children looked after and children whose parent works in the armed services.

At Sir John Barrow School we have a very clear and focused rationale and strategy for improving outcomes for children eligible for Pupil Premium Funding. We review the impact of Pupil Premium regularly to ensure impact, including external reviews to ensure objectivity and transparency.

Last External Review Date: January & March 2017
Last Internal Review Date: December 2020
Next Internal Review Date: September 2021


For Pupil Premium and all children at SJB to meet their full potential, they need:

  • First class, high quality teaching every day

  • To be ready to learn, physically and emotionally

  • Provision which specifically addresses each child’s needs from their varying starting points

We aim to:

  • Ensure consistent first class, high quality, good/outstanding teaching in every class for every child

  • Prevent barriers to learning including mental, emotional and social barriers

  • Identify and overcome any existing barriers to learning

  • Use assessment for learning to identify attainment gaps or progress dips and rapidly implement intervention effectively

2020-21 Pupil Premium (Academic Year)

Allocations Sept 20-April 21: £55268/12x7 = £32,239, April 21-Aug 21: TBC

Strategic Plan 2020-21 Link 

2019 - 20 Pupil Premium (Academic Year)

Allocations £52,772 (April 2019 to March 2020), £59469 (April 2020 to March 2021)

Strategic Plan Evaluation including impact 2019-20 Link

We make no apologies for adjusting our actions and spend over the year, dependent on need and impact. Detailed spend, rationale and outcomes can be seen within the Strategic Plans through the link above.

  Summer 2019
Autumn 2019 Spring 2020 Total Spend  Financial Year Summer 2020 Total Spend School Year
EWO 0.1 fte £1250 £1000 £750 £3000 £1250 £3000
School Nurse 0.2 fte £3319 £2655 £1991 £7965 £3293 £7939
Lunchtime Club £1329 £1007 £755 £3091   £1763
Family/Child Support Teacher 0.4 fte £8358 £3632 £2724 £14714 £4540 £10896
Speech Therapist £2400 £3000 £2400 £7800   £5400
Teacher Support £795 £1087 £600 £2482   £1687
HLTA Support £4250 £4436 £3327 £12013 £5546 £13308
STA Support £6962 £2266 £1700 £10928 £2833 £6799
Actual Spend £28663 £19083 £14247 £61993 £17462 £50729

Pupil Premium Provision Summary

At Sir John Barrow School Pupil Premium Funding is used in the following ways:

Teaching Assistant Support

We employ skilled teaching assistants at SJB and we deploy them carefully to support children’s learning. This may be in the form of one to one work or group work in the classroom or out of the classroom. Sometimes our teaching assistants work within the classroom allowing the class teacher to concentrate on a specific group of children. When children work outside the classroom on focused tasks, the class teacher is able to concentrate his or her teaching on a smaller number of children, addressing more specific needs.

Additional Teacher Support

We employ additional teacher support, where required, to teach 1-1 or small groups, with a very specific focus to accelerate learning in English and/or Mathematics

Family Support

Miss Robinson fulfils this role, in addition to her SENCo role. She provides family support where required to prevent or overcome any barriers to learning for our children. Miss Robinson also creates opportunities for all our families to increase their own knowledge in how they can support their child’s educational development both at home and at school.

SERIS (Social & Emotional Resilience in Schools)

We have a SERIS worker in school, Miss Porter. Miss Porter supports children at lunch times and two afternoons a week she is targeted to help any vulnerable children requiring support in school.

Specific Tailored Programmes

Sometimes specific programmes, usually short term, are established; where it is felt a child has a specific need which must be addressed in order for them to progress with their learning. This may be provided by a qualified teacher or a teaching assistant with specific skills.

Educational Visits/Visitors in School

In addition, support may be given to allow children to access valuable learning experiences at SJB. For example subsidising educational visits and residentials or visitors into school.

Educational Welfare Officer (EWO)

We use some pupil premium fund to employ an effective EWO, half a day a week. Attendance matters if children are to achieve their potential and Miss Todd, supports our children to be in school every day. Miss Todd is also the EWO for UVHS, our main feeder secondary school.

Speech and Language Therapy

We use some pupil premium fund to employ a highly skilled Speech and Language Therapist one day a week. Mrs Bramhall works with teachers and teaching assistants to support children’s speech and language development as well as working directly with children at SJB.

Breakfast Club

We also provide a non-profit making Breakfast Club. This is run by our SERIS worker and also provides an opportunity to support some of our children’s social and emotional needs and can help to prepare them for the school day.

Ensuring Impact at SJB

The progress of all our children, including our pupil premium children is monitored regularly by the Headteacher, subject leaders and class teachers. Formal monitoring happens once a term and necessary actions are agreed to prevent any child falling behind and to ensure more able children remain challenged. Intervention programmes and whole school strategies are evaluated closely and impact measured. This information is used to decide future actions.


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