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The P.E. and Sports Premium at Sir John Barrow School

Sainsbury Sports Games Silver Award

September 2016



 P.E. and Sports Premium September 2016 - 2017

The government introduced the P.E. and Sports premium in 2013.

‘The P.E. and sport premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the P.E. and sports activities offered to pupils.’

The grant for 2016/17 is £9060

Planned use of the Sports Grant 2016/17:

  • Continue to fund a PE specialist from UVHS and sport specific coaches to support in the delivery of Sport and PE
  • Develop leadership opportunities for students in KS2, including buying of specific ‘sports leader’ kit and training opportunities led by the PE specialist
  • Potentially extend the school club links to include more coastal/outdoor activities, reflecting the nature of the local environment – where appropriate (coastal/mountainous/lakes)
  • Increase provision for targeted groups – G&T/SEN/under achieving boys etc.
  • Develop a more rigorous database to track pupils’ participation in PE and Sport both in and out of school. Use this to extend and improve our provision. This also covers criteria required to achieve the Gold kitemark award. Use funding for staff to collate this information on a daily basis
  • Continue to offer all staff who teach KS1/KS2 PE, effective CPD opportunities to improve confidence and subject knowledge
  • Increase the range of sports on offer to try and encourage less active pupils to develop a healthy lifestyle, including increasing the number of extra-curricular clubs available
  • Annually audit PE equipment in order for new equipment to be purchased when necessary
  • Further develop opportunities to take part in inter school competitions (increase by at least 2 more) and develop intra school house competition
  • Develop assessment in PE, by buying into the assessment model developed by Active Cumbria, and implement into all year groups
  • To fund a ‘healthy holiday club’, during half terms and Easter, run by the PE specialist, to allow opportunities for students to be active and healthy. Targeting the least active in the first instance
  • To develop further healthy lifestyle initiatives to allow students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the importance of being active and healthy
Click here to view 2016/17 PE and Sports at Sir John Barrow School Action Plan

P.E. and Sports Premium IMPACT September 2015 - 2016 

For the academic year 2015/16, Sir John Barrow School received £5329.00 in PE and Sports Premium.

  • Specialist PE teacher from UVHS and 10 qualified coaches to worked alongside Primary staff when delivering physical education lessons
  • Developed links with UVHS secondary school and 10 outside clubs and organisations
  • Increased participation in sports competitions, events and the school games by 42% (29%-72%)
  • Increased the opportunities for students to attend a variety of school sports clubs at breakfast club, lunchtime and after school (6 more additional sports clubs offered in 2015/16, resulting in a total of 8 sports clubs last year. In addition, the introduction of a lunchtime PE supervisor to coordinate sports activities during the lunch time for children)
  • Introduced a high quality, up to date PE scheme of work for all staff to follow and develop when teaching PE to ensure consistency and progression throughout the year groups (Cambridgeshire Scheme of Work)
  • Worked towards achieving a nationally recognised kite mark award to reflect the progress and achievements in sport and PE at SJB (Bronze school games kitemark award 2014/15 and now silver 2015/16)
  • Developed the swimming policy to improve the provision and delivery of swimming at SJB (Swimming now available for Year 1 students and an additional 10 week block Year 3/4 and Year 6)
  • Purchased sports equipment  to enhance the breadth and variety of the PE curriculum and sports offered during lunch and after school
  • Developed and initiated ‘whole school’ healthy lifestyle projects to raise knowledge and understanding and profile of healthy lifestyles (Brathay 10 / 100 mile challenge / Healthy Easter initiative)
  • ‘Values’ placed at the heart of PE and Sport so the focus is not just placed on success but on: determination, self-belief, teamwork, passion, respect and honesty
  • Developed ‘student voice’ to gain feedback and opinion with regards to the curriculum and developments to PE and sport at SJB – student council had to discuss a number of issues related to sport provision and consult their class for discussion and feedback
  • Developed ‘learn to lead’ by giving students the opportunity to lead and peer review in lessons and officiate, lead, time-keep, score and report during school games competitions, increasing leadership opportunities by 21% (9% - 30%)

Click here to view 2015/16 PE and Sports at Sir John Barrow School Action Plan Evaluation.


Annual Budget


01/09/15 PE/Sports Grant SP14 (April 2015 - August 2015) b/f £766.31     £766.31
17/11/15 PE/Sports Grant SP15 (Sept 2015 - March 2016) £5329.00     £6095.31
UVHS Primary PE Co-ordinator April 16 to April 17 (1 of 2 instalments)
TA to support lunchtime sport (Summer term 2016)
  £616.00   £279.31

P.E. and Sports Premium September 2014 - 2015

Increasing Opportunity

We have increased children’s opportunities to engage in sport throughout the day by employing a Sports Apprentice to facilitate a range of sporting activities at break times and lunchtimes as well as after school.
Mr Maher provided fresh opportunities for orienteering this year, providing a regular orienteering club. Children attended the local orienteering festival and were pleased with their performance.
Our nursery children were introduced to Yoga in the Autumn term during curriculum time, delivered by a visiting Yoga teacher and Key Stage 1 children had the opportunity to attend a 10 week Yoga club.
In addition, children in Year’s 1-4 had the opportunity to attend introductory karate sessions before school. This was well attended and some children have continued in the sport.
This half term we have a tennis coach in school further developing the tennis skills of children in Year , whilst also providing ‘on the job’ CPD for staff members.

Staff Training

All teaching staff took part in two CPD twilight sessions to develop their knowledge and understanding of teaching multi-skills across the school. Staff have implemented this learning into their P.E. planning and delivery. We are developing a progressive whole school multi skills programme.
Two members of staff have attained the ASA Certificate for the Teaching of School Swimming, in order to support the swimming teacher at the local swimming baths and raise the quality of swimming lessons children receive at SJB.

Sport’s Coordinator

From the beginning of the Summer Term 2015, SJB have employed an experienced and highly skilled P.E. teacher, 0.2fte,  through the local secondary school, UVHS, as our Sports Coordinator. Mrs Hartley’s role is to develop P.E. throughout the school, working alongside the Sport’s Leader and all staff. She will provide bespoke staff training, team teaching P.E. with different staff members, as well as increasing sporting opportunities for children at SJB, including competitive sport and improving links to local sports clubs. This term already we have  entered several tournaments, some for the first time, including St Mary’s netball & football galas, kwik sticks hockey, tag rugby, a Great North Swim endurance event and a rounders tournament.
Mrs Hartley is also leading our application to gain the Sainsbury Games Mark.

Celebrating Sport

Our Celebration Evening this term (Summer 15) focused on celebrating Sport at SJB. Families had the opportunity to come and celebrate sports provision in school meet sport & community clubs that are based around Ulverston. These included golf, cycling, canoeing, dance, archery as well the Scouts and Woodcraft Folk. The fantastic weather on the evening enabled many children to have a go at something new and we hope they are more willing to join a club themselves.


Annual Budget


30/11/14 PE/Sports Grant SP14 (September 2014 - March 2015) £5326.00     £5326.00
18/03/15 UVHS Primary PE Co-ordinator     £5326.00 £0.00
06/05/15 PE/Sports Grant SP14 (April 2015 - August 2015) £3804.00     £3804.00
22/06/15 UVHS Primary PE Co-ordinator September 15 to Spring - final instalment     £2000.00 £1804.00
22/07/15 TTS Sports Equipment Order 15/16     £436.49 £1367.51
06/10/15 UVHS Sport in Leading PE to Outstanding training     £127.00 £1240.51
12/10/15 TTS Sports Equipment Order 15/16     £87.95 £1152.56
30/11/15 Cambridge County Council PE Scheme of Works     £386.25 £766.31
        c/f £766.31

P.E. and Sports Premium September 2013 - 14

In 2013-14  we thoroughly audited our sports provision, seeking views from staff, children and parents, leading to the creation of a relevant, effective plan for school development.  Our sports leader attended Active Cumbria ‘The Impact Factor’ Training Event, ensuring school is impact focused in PE. In addition 3 staff members attended a Basic Skills training twilight.

We increased our children’s opportunity to enter local competition, entering a Girl’s football competition and a local Tag Rugby competition. We were delighted to win the Tag Rugby event.

All Year 3-6 girls received football coaching, improving both skills and confidence. We also introduced after school trampolining for Year 6 at UVHS and invited tennis and dance coaches to work directly with our children. The children enjoyed success and demonstrated skills in dance, performing in a joint schools event at UVHS. In addition a number of SEN children attended a sports gala organised specifically for children with disabilities.


Annual Budget


Sept 13 PE/Sports Grant SP13 (September 2013 - March 2014) £5503.00     £5503.00
March 14 Sports Teacher Lead     £1500.00 £4003.00
06/05/14 PE/Sports Grant SP13 (April 2014 - September 2014) £3550.00     £7553.00
19/05/14 PE/Sports Grant SP13 AY13-14 Adjustment £107.00     £7660.00
26/06/14 PMG Leisure Globe Arena Year 3/4 Trip     £700.00 £6960.00
17/07/14 Nicola Stephenson Dance, Year 1 & 6     £215.00 £6745.00
22/07/14 NCL Tennis Coaching (23/5/14 - 11/7/14)     £150.00 £6595.00
01/09/14 Sports Apprentice     £2180.00 £4415.00
24/09/14 NCL Tennis Coaching (11/7/14 extra session)     £50.00 £4365.00
15/10/14 Swimming Instruction (Autumn term)     £250.00 £4115.00
14/11/14 Vanessa Foster Basic Moves Training     £422.00 £3693.00
22/01/15 IMoves Dance Training x 3 staff     £75.00 £3618.00
09/01/15 Rachel Lightbird - Yoga for EYFS     £210.00 £3408.00
28/01/15 NCL Pool HIre (Autumn term)     £798.00 £2610.00
28/01/15 NS Karate School - Breakfast Club     £300.00 £2310.00
13/02/15 Swimming Instruction (Spring term)     £340.00 £1970.00
13/02/15 Coolgreen Orienteering Festival     £20.00 £1950.00
06/01/15 UVHS Sports Co-ordinator     £1351.50 £598.50
10/03/15 NCL Pool Hire (Spring term)     £598.50 £0.00




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