Anna’s sport report for the Panatholon!

Nine schools competed in the Panatholon today. More schools will be competing later and tomorrow. SJB were the first ones to get the MAX (40 points) in the volleyball game.

Other games included basketball, botcha, beanbags and skittles. There were two Alfie’s in the SJB team as well as Perdi, Alexander, Daniel, Heidi and Ella.

We all had lots of fun in all of the games. Each team was represented by a colour and the colour for SJB was green.

Volleyball was hard because you had to pass a ball from one person to another without touching the green board in the middle.

It was a long 40 ride to Furness College but it was definitely worth it.

Thank you for your report Anna!

Please take a look at Robyn’s cross country report if you haven’t already.

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