Eco Committee Update

A new Eco Committee has recently been elected by their classmates. The 12 pupils from year 1 to 6 will be in their roles from now until the end of the school year. They are working towards SJB gaining official Eco School status which is a global initiative involving more than 50,000 schools.

The new committee have been finishing the Environmental Review of the school that the last group had been working on and have specifically been looking at water use. This week they made posters to be displayed around school giving water saving tips. Here are some of their favourites:

Use rainwater to water your garden and houseplants. Use a watering can not a hosepipe.

Only fill the kettle with as much water as you need. This saves electricity too.

Only use the washing machine when there is a full load.

Turn the tap off while you are brushing your teeth.

Have showers instead of baths and have shorter showers!

They also learnt that using less water also helps with climate change as the water companies can use less energy to collect, clean, and supply the water to their houses.

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