Eco Friendly Easter

This week the Eco Committee looked at ways we can have a more eco-friendly Easter and made a display of their ideas to share with everyone at the after school Easter Egg Hunt.

Here are their top tips:

Choose eggs with no plastic packaging and less excess packaging in general.

Buy Easter gifts, decorations etc second hand from charity shops or online.

Try to walk more or use public transport in the holidays and leave the car at home.

Recycle as much as you can! And compost food waste.

If you’re buying real eggs choose local, organic, free range ones.

Buy Fairtrade chocolate eggs. Even better if they are vegan.

Eat a bit less meat and dairy and get some protein from plant sources instead, e.g. beans, nuts, and lentils.

Make your own cards, Easter baskets, gifts and decorations.

Happy Easter from the Eco Committee!

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