SJB Governors

August 2022

SJB Governing Body

Governing Body’s Written Statement of Behaviour Principles

To read our Governing Body’s Written Statement of Behaviour principles, please click here

What do Governors do?

The Governing Body is a team of people who want to help the school to be the best school it can be. We have Governors who are parents of children at SJB, as well as Governors from around our community, because we know how important schools are in making our world a better place to be part of. Our jobs include: helping to choose the school’s teachers, making sure lessons are interesting and fun, checking the school is safe, making sure the school does not run out of money. To do all this we work closely with the school staff, and sometimes get to come in to see what the pupils are up to – which is great fun!

Here are our Governors...

Mrs Janet Heffernan (Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor)

My job as Chair of Governors is to help our team of Governors to support the school. I work closely with the Headteacher to make sure the Governors are all doing the right things! I also run my own business as a professional Mathematician which lets me work with scientists on lots of different science projects. I do quite a lot of work involving flooding, and how to protect against it!  I love living in Ulverston and my favourite things to do are running, playing music and hanging out with my family and friends.
Commander Matthew Lister (Vice Chair of Governors, Elected Parent Governor) I was born and raised in Ulverston and now have a family of my own here, with three children all attending SJB.  I currently serve as a Senior Officer in the Royal Navy, having spent 16 years predominantly in the Submarine Service as a Marine Engineering Officer.  At the moment, I am the Military Assistant to Director Submarine Acquisition, and split my time between working from home and the MoD Abbey Wood site at Bristol. A grateful beneficiary of state and sponsored education (I’ve gained Engineering, Science and an Arts Degrees through Military Scholarship), I’m a firm believer in the power of high-quality education to unlock opportunity – and am keen to empower SJB in giving its pupils the best possible start in life.

Mr Matthew Connell (Staff Governor)

As well as teaching the children in the Year 2 class here at SJB, I also am a Teacher Governor. My job is to explain to the governors what the other teachers think about our school and to let them know about important issues that have come up. As Link Governor, I also make sure that the other governors have the training they need to do their jobs properly. My spare time is usually taken up with family and getting outdoors with my three children.
Mrs Sharon Harris (Co-opted Governor – TA Representative) I am a teaching assistant and have been working at SJB since October 2016. I love my job and work with lots of children and their families at school. I am very pleased to be appointed as a governor – being involved in the strategic running of the school. I also have a second job in which I work for a local charity called Families Matter in which I work as a counsellor. In what spare time that I have I enjoy being outside walking my Jack Russell called Spud and my new hobby running.
Mr John Barrett (Co-opted Governor) I am a co-opted governor and was delighted to be asked to be involved with Sir John Barrow School. Before retirement I was a headteacher for seven years and then worked for the Local Authority for a further ten years. I have particular interests in the areas of special educational needs and safeguarding. As I governor I hope to support the school to develop and ensure that every child enjoys the best opportunity to thrive.
Mr Andrew Allan (Elected Parent Governor) I have lived in Ulverston for all of my life. Two of my children currently attend SJB, with another one following suit in a couple of years time. I currently work for GSK in Ulverston as the Early Talent Lead overseeing the apprentice and graduate programme – I am really passionate about creating bright futures for young people. Building up good relationships with different schools, colleges, and local companies helps me to gain a broad understanding of what ‘good’ looks like for education providers. I also have passion for health and wellbeing which I hope to be involved with in my new role as school governor.
Mrs Hannah Clarke (Appointed Governor)
I am delighted to be re-appointed as a parent governor after serving a four-year term of office. My children are strong advocates of Sir John Barrow School.
I am employed by Cumbria County Council as a Community Services Officer and work with libraries and archive services across South Lakeland. I enjoy my job and passionately promote ‘life-long’ learning! There’s never much spare time, but I try to sqeeze books and films in when I can.  I’m a bit arty and like being creative.
Miss Charlotte Wraith (Local Authority Governor) I’m delighted to take on my first governor position at Sir John Barrow Primary School. I am a previous Secondary school teacher and currently work as a Programme Support Manager for Teach First. In this role, I am responsible for a team who deliver initial teacher training, early career development and middle and senior leadership programmes in schools across the North West. I’m very passionate about education and the power it has to improve equality and access to life opportunities. Young people are our future and they deserve the highest quality provision to build a healthy and happy lives. I enjoy living in Ulverston and making the most of the beautiful countryside on our doorstep and searching out the best places to eat!
Ms Liz Bolt (Co-opted Governor) I am a retired NHS Consultant Clinical Psychologist, and Clinical Director. I worked in South Cumbria with adults with mental health problems for most of my professional life. I also managed services, developed strategies for change, and delivered training to staff and families. I am keen to work with SJB to think about what else could be done in school to support children with their emotional well-being. My current hobbies include: dog walking; learning Spanish (just started); spending time with family and friends; walking in high mountains and swimming in warm waters. In the past I was a keen fell runner, and have also taught ballet to young children!
Mrs Rebecca Williamson (Elected Parent Governor) I have two children in school. SJB is a terrific school – supportive, inclusive and friendly. I’m keen to work as a governor to ensure every child is given the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Part of my day job is data analysis which will help in the discussion of the attainment gaps between the different pupil cohorts. I look forward to contributing to the improvement of an already great school. I have lived in Ulverston for 13 years and have played for multiple sports teams; I am now encouraging my children to do the same. I love where we live; we spend many weekends up mountains or out on a lake.
Cllr Mark Wilson (Associate Member) Happy to have served two full terms of office as a governor – now I am very pleased to work with the SJB community as an Associate Member.
Mr Jeremy Tennyson (Associate Member)
Vacancy Parent Governor
Vacancies x2 Co-opted Governor

Mrs Karen Little (Clerk)

I am very proud to work with the outstanding Governing Body at Sir John Barrow School. Governors are very passionate that the highest education standards are provided, and go that extra mile to ensure that all pupils can achieve the best possible outcome. They are also a great pleasure to work with.

Key areas for Governors

Monitoring means gathering evidence to check what progress has been made towards strategic priorities and targets and the implementation of policies.

In the context of monitoring Key Areas, governors should be looking to evaluate progress in their Key Area of responsibility, and to identify weaknesses or areas where more resources may be needed.

Key Area

Staff Member


Safeguarding and Child ProtectionH. PearsonJ.Barrett
Health and Safety
Premises inspection
N. BoothVacancy
SENDA. RobinsonJ. Barrett
Pupil Premium ChampionH. PearsonC. Wraith
PE & Sports ChampionJ. MaherVacancy
Mental Health and WellbeingA. RobinsonL. Bolt

Declarations of Pecuniary / Business Interests

Name of Governor
Governor Category
Pecuniary and/or Personal Business Interest(s)
Govenor at another school
Name of Business
Nature of Business
Nature of Interest
Date of Appointment
Date of Cessation of Interest

Mrs Janet Heffernan

J. Heffernan Consulting
Statistical Consultancy
Ulverston Business Improvement District
Commercial Partnership
Mrs Helen Pearson
Sir John Barrow School
Mr Matthew Connell
Sir John Barrow School
Mrs Hannah Clarke Elected Parent Cumbria County Council Library & Archives Community Services Officer 09.02.2018 09.02.2022 No
Mr John Barrett Associate Member John Barrett Education Consultancy Education Consultancy Owner 01.09.2018 19.03.2023 No
Mrs Sharon Harris Co-opted Sir John Barrow School Newbridge House Families Matter Education PRU Charity Teaching Assistant Counsellor Offers counselling 19.11.2018 19.11.2022 No
Mr Andrew Allan Elected Parent Orsted Renewable energy Employee 23.09.2019 23.09.2023 No
Mr Andrew Paterson Co-opted BAE Systems Submarines Employee 22.09.2020 22.09.2024 No
Cdr Matthew Lister Parent Royal Navy HMS Officer 04.12.2020 04.12.2024 No
Miss Charlotte Frances Wraith Local Authority Teach First One Cumbria Teaching School Hub Education Programme Support Manager 08.12.2021 08.12.2025 No
Miss Chloe James Co-opted BAE Systems Submarines Integrated Logistics Support Engineer 08.12.2021 08.12.2025 No
Mrs Bina Mistry Lowcock Co-opted GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Employee 08.12.2021 08.12.2025 No
Mr Jeremy Tennyson Associate Member Hart Jackson & Sons Solicitors Partner 23.09.2021 23.09.2022 UVHS
Cllr Mark Wilson Associate Member Cumbria County Council Local Government Councillor 23.09.2021 23.09.2022 No
Resignations or end of office during this and the last academic year
Mrs Rosemary Brown Parent Care provider Local care agency Employee 12.09.2019 17.12.2021 No
Miss Kirsty Rayson Parent None None None 12.09.2019 18.10.2021 No
Mrs Sarah Branton Co-opted Barrow Island Primary and Sir John Barrow Schools Education Teacher 19.03.2019 23.09.2021 No
Ms Izzie Roberts Co-opted Cumbria Constabulary Police Police Community Support Officer 05.07.2017 05.07.2021 No
Ms Helen O’Neill Parent University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Imaging Services Employee 04.12.2015 01.12.2020 No

Attendance at Meetings